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Design Week Lagos 2019

In my continuous quest to find interesting and budget friendly activities to engage in in Lagos, design/art exhibitions and events tend to be my go to experience of choice. This is because they give me the unique opportunity to experience the works of others and delve into the process and passion behind it. What's also beautiful to see is the level of detail and the very diverse interests and creative prowess that each of these artists, creators & designers possess.

So naturally when Design Week Lagos (DWL) came around, I made plans to visit. DWL is a collection of events which include exhibitions, tours, competitions & masterclasses which started on the 1st of October and will run till the 20th of October. Some events that caught my eye are the Design Kulture exhibition; the Masterclass with Demas Nwoko (which is now unfortunately sold out); Reflections for Happy Spaces which is an 'exhibition for living spaces for IDP in Nigeria' and the Flower & Garden Show. Other events I would like to attend are Made by Design, a 'home & hospitality event'; Sound of Design; Experiencing Coastlines with cmDesign Atelier & the Kelechi Amadi Obi Photography event. Yes, its a lot but they all seem interesting and judging from their calendar of events it seems they're well on their way to delivering on one of their overarching goals which is to 'deliver a diverse celebration of design'.

So far I've attended the Design Kulture exhibition which runs from the 5th to the 13th of this month. According to the organizers, it is a 'festival/exhibition consciously aiming at creating a design eco-system'. While the venue isn't a purpose built exhibition space (unfortunately very few places in Lagos are), I believe the organizers did a good job at creating an inviting space that allowed the exhibited items stand out.

The exhibition is laid out on 2 floors with a diverse group of exhibitors showcasing bespoke furniture & other lifestyle products, elegant lighting design options, art, sculptures & carved works. Some favs were Ile Ila by Tosin Oshinowo, Tunde Owolabi, Aga Concept & Oxygen Furniture. The exhibition also had a steady flow of visitors but was never overcrowded which is always a good thing when you're experiencing art/design because you get a chance to absorb and enjoy what is on display at your own pace. I also got to practice my new hobby of photography, so please enjoy the photos.


Did anything catch your eye, if so, comment below and let me know because if you're like me and love beautiful things, you're never short on ideas of how and where to use them. If you need some help executing your vision, definitely get in touch.

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