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Ever get bored with your space or feel like it just needs a breath of fresh air or maybe a complete overhaul but that’s not in your budget at the moment? I’ve been there and sometimes I just want that feeling of newness, that thing that just makes me look forward to being in that space. I’ve been thinking and I came up with 10 easy ways to do this, so keep reading.


Yes, this whole mirror situation put Snow White in a whole lot of trouble but this particular mirror isn’t telling us who the fairest of them all is, it’s making your space feel larger. Now depending on your budget, you can opt for a full frameless mirror wall that tastefully makes your face look larger or you can opt for a large mirror with an elaborate frame to anchor your space. To make it multifunctional, position it on your way out the door and you can always see how fair you are as you step out into the world.


Now there’s a lot you can do with a bucket of paint, some masking tape, a paint roller and a paintbrush. You could use just paint maybe with some strips and patterns or you could introduce other materials too like wood trim or wainscoting, it’s all up to you. Plus your accent wall can be any colour you want it to be, it can be subtle or it can be bold. Just make sure that if you’re going for a dark colour you’ve got enough light coming into the room to balance it out. Or maybe you can just have dark strips of colour, it’s all up to you, you’re in charge.


We’ve all been there. You’re about to catch up on your favourite shows and you plop on the couch with your favourite drink in hand and it spills all over the couch or maybe it’s the children. Not to worry. You’ve got two options, you could get your sofa reupholstered or you could simply get sofa covers. What’s cool is they’re washable and it’s an easy way to change up the colours in your space. Yay, new sofa!


Seriously plant lovers are the coolest. When you step into their homes, there are just so many plants everywhere. They’re in the corner of the room, on shelves everywhere or as a centrepiece for their coffee or dining table. So if you’re looking for something to take care of but not quite a pet then get a plant. Be sure to find out how to care for them so you make sure it matches your lifestyle. Or you can just get a good quality artificial one especially if you’ve got young children. Either way, you’re space will thank you especially when you place them in a nice pot.


This is for all the book lovers. Sometimes you just want a dedicated spot where you can go to, get all comfy and settle into a nice book. Well, all you need to do is find your favourite spot in the house, maybe next to a window or close to an electrical outlet where you can plug in a nice reading lamp. All that’s left is your favourite armchair and a nice coffee table to set your books on and voila you’ve got your ‘me time’ spot. For added comfort, get yourself a cosy blanket and a nice fuzzy rug to pull together your little nook and you’re all set.


I just made that up, ‘catch the rug bug’, lol. Rugs have the power to make a space look more formal or informal depending on what you’re goal is. You could go for a more elaborate and eclectic feel by getting a Turkish style rug or a more casual feel with a simpler design. Either way, don’t forget to pair the rug with a complementary coffee table if you’ve got the space for it.


Now, this is an easy one. You could go for a mix of solid colours or patterns or alternate them when you want to change the look and feel of your space. All you’ve got to do is pick out your favourite fabrics and make them into throw pillow covers if you’re good with a sewing machine or get a tailor to do it for cheap.


Yes yes I know you’re not an artist but creating art isn’t reserved solely for artists or creatives. It is honestly a very therapeutic activity that anyone can do once you let go of the need for it to be perfect. Plus there are a ton of YouTube videos to guide you along the way. All you need is some paint and brushes. If you prefer to paint on canvas then get acrylic or oil paint to do so. If you’d prefer watercolour paint then get some watercolour paper and when you’re done with your masterpiece, you get to pick out a nice frame for your art and hang it up too.


If you’ve picked up a lot of memorabilia on your travels or you’ve got a constant source of knick-knacks from your children or nieces and nephews then a floating shelf is a great way to display them and jazz up your space. The great thing is you can have your shelves finished however you want.


Origami is another fun way to create decorations for your space. You could use regular print paper like I did for mine or you can get some coloured paper. And you can create just about anything, YouTube is your friend. When you’re done with your origami art, you can display it on a shelf or get some string and hang it off your ceiling like I did. Check it out below. I also did a macrame wall hanging and dyed it with acrylic paint. I got all the supplies - rod, string & acrylic paint - from my neighbourhood supermarket (Ebeano). The point is you can turn your art and crafts project into cool decorative elements for your space.

My DIY jet & bird origami & macrame


If I’m being honest this can be a pain butttt it really is a great first step to get your space looking great. Plus you can choose to buy those stackable storage bins & boxes to help you do this or you can use stuff around your home. Also decluttering makes it easier to clean, easier to find things and you also get that feel-good feeling that comes from giving away some of the stuff you don’t need.

I hope these tips were helpful. The whole point is to show you that you've got the power to make your space work just right for you and the trick is to have fun while doing it. And there's nothing wrong with getting help if you need it, so If you need assistance send me an email ( or you can ask me questions in the comments below.


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